Customized Fertility for Maximum Profits

Nutrient Management for a Proven ROI: An AgXplore Tech Direct Guide

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to farming. What works on your farm may not work in another region or even on your neighbor’s farm. That applies to your fertility program, which is why we’re proud to have AgXplore as one of our AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Partners. Offering customized nutrient management plans and the products to make it happen, AgXplore can help your crops and fields get the exact nutrients they need so that you can realize the highest return on your fertilizer investment. 

Products Solve Fertility Problems

Do you see slow plant growth? Poor grain fill? Weak roots? Plant nutrition can help address all of these problems. And for more than 20 years, AgXplore has developed fertilizer management, micronutrient, PGR, adjuvant, plant nutrition, and specialty products to solve farmers’ plant nutrition challenges. Whether you need to prevent leaching, keep nutrients accessible for plant uptake, or eliminate nutrient deficiencies, AgXplore’s portfolio of nearly 50 products can help you grow stronger, healthier plants.

Proprietary Technology Packages for Better Performance

Some nutrients are immobile in plants. Take boron, for example. While this mineral is critical for the reproductive stages when a crop is developing its fruits, vegetables, or blooms, it’s not easily dispersed through the plant. How can you ensure the parts of your crop get boron where it’s needed? AgXplore solves this problem with its proprietary technology packages, which include: 

  • NTake — rapidly disperses nutrients within products to critical plant systems
  • nCeption — makes nutrients more soluble to increase intake through leaves or roots during key growth stages
  • ChelaTech — provides a protective coating to keep nutrients pure and readily available for plants in the soil by blocking outside elements
  • XN — helps plants prioritize ammonium nitrogen by holding it near the top of the soil, which also reduces leaching
  • NET — serves up chemicals in the soil in the plant’s ideal absorption form and provides more plant-form compounds around the roots

At least one exclusive technology package is in every AgXplore product, and some contain multiple technologies to ensure plants can access and use the nutrients efficiently.

Assessing Fertility Needs First

Soil types, soil pH, and crop rotations can all vary from farm-to-farm and even field-to-field. That’s why AgXplore works with farmers one-on-one to create customized nutrient management programs. Instead of blindly recommending products, their leading team of agronomists will evaluate your entire operation to understand your challenges and goals. Then they’ll create a personalized plan that works with your preferred application method. They strive to deliver not just stronger, healthier plants, but also a solid ROI.

Proving it in the Field

AgXplore understands the hesitancy around trying new products. You want to be sure the inputs you’re buying don’t just work but are worth the investment. That’s why they offer 80-acre programs — you buy 80 acres, and they’ll match another 80 acres, so you can run side-by-side trials and see exactly how their tailored approach not only performs on your operation but impacts your bottom line. AgXplore wants every grower to see at least a 3x return on their investment.

Knowledgeable Know-How for Better Results

It’s easy to blame product failures on the product itself. But what if you just didn’t apply it correctly? Timing is a critical factor in the success of fertilizers, so if you made an application at the wrong growth stage, it could be a waste of time, input, and money. That’s why AgXplore doesn’t just create products; they also educate farmers on what they need to do and why. Their focus is always on the 4Rs: the right nutrient source applied at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place. The company also launched AgXplore University, a CCA-credited online program that offers weekly sessions on the agronomics of different nutrients.

Meeting You on the Farm

AgXplore not only creates your nutrient program but can come to your fields to help you implement it. Whether you’re treating your fertilizer or starting a new nitrogen management program, their reps can guide you along the way and show you how your crops are performing. For example, every rep carries a refractometer, which provides an instant nitrate reading from the plant’s sugars, right in the field.

Providing Further Protection

While AgXplore’s primary focus is on nutrient management, they understand your crop may need additional help staying protected against pests. That’s why their line of premium adjuvants includes options for fertilizer and crop protection inputs. Whether you need an anti-foaming agent, a drift suppressant, or better coverage uniformity, AgXplore can help ensure you’re getting the most from your herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide applications, too.

Get a Personalized Assessment Through AGvisorPRO

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