Press Release: Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Extends Reach Through AGvisorPRO

Saskatchewan producers and agri-businesses will have another method to access direct support from Ministry of Agriculture experts starting this spring through the AGvisorPRO connectivity platform pilot project.

The Ministry of Agriculture is continually looking at what tools it can use to provide unbiased, science-based agricultural information in ways that best serve the varied needs of producers. Producers and agri-businesses can download AGvisorPRO and will be able to connect to Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture specialists at no cost.

“Ministry of Agriculture specialists support Saskatchewan’s agriculture and food industry by providing producers and agri-businesses with the latest agronomic and programming information and expertise,” says Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture David Marit. “The past year has shown the importance of innovation and finding new ways to reach our producers. I look forward to seeing how this pilot project provides Saskatchewan’s producers and agri-businesses with a new way to connect with their local regional specialists.”

“AGvisorPRO can put an expert in the field, in the barn, in the shop or in the greenhouse without them having to be onsite,” says Robert Saik, Founder & CEO of AGvisorPRO. “By using the technology producers already have in their hands, AGvisorPRO can match, connect and show the expert what the producer is dealing with. We effectively shrink time and space and stretch brains not bodies.”

Once the app is downloaded from iOS or Android to their smartphone, iPad or desktop, a farmer simply taps in a few words to outline the question they are dealing with and an algorithm will match them to an independent, industry or ministry expert. Audio, video, picture or chat connections are made inside AGvisorPRO and sessions are archived for future reference.

The pilot will launch this spring and run through the summer.

About AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is a connectivity channel providing remote, instantaneous communication between producers, agri-businesses, experts, researchers, government and industry to provide answers now. Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to industry experts. Tech Direct partners connect producers and other agribusinesses to company representatives. We also provide Instant Access by integrating AGvisorPRO inside of other corporate data systems.

AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android and desktop platforms. Ag experts, industry partners and investor inquiries are welcome.

More information can be found at 2021 CWA Top 10 Mentor in Canadian Agriculture – Robert Saik, CEO; 2021 THRIVE Canada Challenge Finalist and People’s Choice Award Winner; 2021 Manitoba Ag Days

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Robert Saik, CEO