Getting the Upper Hand on Pricing: An FBN Tech Direct Guide

If there is one area farmers have always tried to get the upper hand on, it’s pricing. Whether crops, inputs or diesel, everything has a cost. But surely there is a better deal somewhere. The question is where? Farmers Business Network® (FBN®), literally shows you the map so you can focus on farming instead of spending the day guessing. This agtech startup has rocketed across both Canada and the U.S. thanks to its innovative and transparent approach to pricing, specifically with off-brand inputs. More than 20,000 farmers in North America are FBN members representing more than 64 million acres of farmland.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be a member of a company whose sole purpose is to maximize their farm’s profit potential?

Re-inventing the wheel

Originally formed in Silicon Valley in 2014, FBN’s goal was simple: save farmers money through greater transparency. Specializing in off-brand crop protection products such as herbicide, fungicide, insecticide as well as fertilizer in Canada, FBN has one person and one person only in mind when doing business: the farmer. They believe in this so much that they’ve made it free to join FBN so you can find out first-hand just what it feels like to be on the right side of the numbers 24/7.

To be as relevant as possible to farmers, FBN developed its intuitive app to serve members and focused on digital-first service. Forget bricks and mortar, this is all about convenience from your tractor cab, living room or even deck chair at the lake. They provide customers an Amazon-like experience when it comes to purchasing inputs. Within minutes, you can download the app and begin to source products at the absolute best price. But how?

Data-driven solutions

Everyone talks about price transparency, but few actually walk the talk. Through FBN‘s sophisticated algorithms, farmers can set a radius, search a product and all retail options within that radius, as well as FBN, will pop up with pricing options for farmers. It is the first time farmers have had the power and FBN is happy to be the reason you save time and money.

Farmers can also compare historic rates going back to 2018 in Canada on products in their geographical area. This allows farmers to see what the market was doing at that time to better understand the current pricing options.

It’s FBN’s cornerstone commitment to turn price discrepancy into price transparency from glyphosate to fertilizer.

And don’t worry, your data is not going anywhere. That’s because FBN is one of only 25 companies in North America to receive the Ag Data Transparent certification. This third-party accolade does not come lightly. To achieve certification businesses must go through the required process of approval and adopt the guidelines established by Ag Data Transparent. FBN’s technology is also compatible with whichever crop data platform you currently use.

More than just inputs

Since it launched in High River, Alta., FBN has expanded its product offerings. First it was crop protection products, but now the company also offers crop marketing services as well as Canadian brokerage options. This year the company has begun to trial seed, and hopes to launch livestock related products soon.

Customer service 24/7

Although there are no physical retails, that doesn’t mean FBN is invisible. Their customer service representatives still meet with farmers whenever possible and are always ready for a text, email or phone call from members.

Internal and external logistics partners make sure that products are at a farmer’s gate on time no matter where they are located and no matter what time of year.

Deals, deals, deals

FBN is committed to helping customers secure the best prices available. Whether that is through its Cyber November month where promotions abound with free shipping on certain orders and 0% financing, or locking in early-bird rates on any number of inputs, the company continues to be busy. There is no down time when everyone wants the best deal, and they are happy to be run off their feet for farmers.

The Tech Direct Solution

FBN is an AGvisorPRO Tech Direct partner. This means that any farmer with the AGvisorPRO app can connect to FBN in a face-to-face session for free. While there’s certainly no shortage of ways for farmers to digitally connect with the information they need, AGvisorPRO is unique. It connects farmers, industry, and independent expertise into one user-friendly app. This means farmers can find the advice they need easily, connect to the right people quickly, and get from question to answer faster.

To connect with FBN or any of our Tech Direct partners, consider downloading the AGvisorPRO app. If you want to see what AGvisorPRO can do for you, one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to give you a walk-through. You can also download our app at or wherever you get your apps. With FBN and AGvisorPRO in your corner, when it comes to pricing and data analytics, you will get the answers you need.