It’s All In The Name

Could Have “Bin” Alright: A Grain Bin Direct Tech Direct Guide

Ag companies can be a bit funny when it comes to naming themselves. There’s plenty of excellent companies out there offering farmers all kinds of high quality services and products, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what a company does based on their name.

This is not the case with Grain Bin Direct. What’s in the name? Literally everything you need to know. Grain Bin Direct provides farmers with grain bins and bin accessories… directly! AGvisorPRO is happy to have Grain Bin Direct as one of our newest Tech Direct Partners. Our motto is Answers Now, and if a farmer needs answers on sourcing new bins now, they’d be hard pressed to find a more direct answer than one from Grain Bin Direct.

Grain Storage Has Never “Bin” Easier

Bins are a seemingly simple factor in ag operations, but when you start really thinking about it, you realize how integral they are to a farm’s profitability. In a very real way, grain bins are the very first bank account that a farmer deposits their profit into. Ensuring that farmers have enough high-quality storage capacity is what Devon Spencer at Grain Bin Direct specializes in. While other bin suppliers typically carry many other products, Grain Bin Direct is unique in that it’s focused on bins exclusively, and thus is a one man operation. This means considerably less overhead, and overall lower-costs that get passed along to farmers. Devon is confident he can meet the grain storage needs of most any operation, while ultimately saving them more on the bottom line.

“We are lower-cost than the local bin depot.” – Devon Spencer, Owner, Grain Bin Direct.

Bin Around The Block

Since 1992 Grain Bin Direct has sourced and shipped Westeel and Goebel hopper bins direct from the manufacturer to farmers and agri-businesses. Grain Bin Direct offers a full stock of bin sizes and accessories including aeration supplies and those increasingly popular spiral staircase options.

In an effort to streamline and keep costs to a minimum, Grain Bin Direct works with outside suppliers of the latest bin sensor technology and related accessories. If you’re looking to bring your bins into the 21st century, Grain Bin Direct knows the best places to find the sensors you need.

Grain Bin Direct on AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is happy to let farmers know about the savings they can find with Grain Bin Direct. We know that our connectivity app is the perfect way for farmers to reach out to Devon. In a time when personal, face-to-face connections are lacking, it’s even more important for farmers to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with a person they know and trust. It’s worth noting that any warranty or service issues are also handled by Grain Bin Direct, who will work with the manufacturers on any issues and give their customers a great experience.

To learn more about Grain Bin Direct, download the AGvisorPRO app and book a session with Devon. It’s as easy as looking us up in your app store  or visiting our website. AGvisorPRO is available on Apple, Android, and desktop devices. You can even schedule a demo so one of our team members can show you everything AGvisorPRO has to offer. Get the answers you need with AGvisorPRO.