Press Release: AGvisorPRO to Integrate with NEVONEX

NEVONEX (powered by Bosch) and AGvisorPRO Inc have signed an agreement that will see the integration of the AGvisorPRO application inside the NEVONEX ecosystem.

NEVONEX enables integration of digital services directly into field machines. This platform offers a robust, securely managed framework in an End-2-End infrastructure.

“From the very beginning, we have designed NEVONEX as an open solution for all agricultural players. We work in the area of connecting data systems with equipment across a wide range of companies.” explains Andreas Fuchs, NEVONEX North America. “The collaboration with AGvisorPRO will provide instantaneous connectivity with independent and company technical experts to support farmers as they work to integrate technology in their operations.”

“Through our “Instant Access” application programming interface, we will embed AGvisorPRO inside NEVONEX so when a farmer or technician runs into an issue, they will be able to simply click on the AGvisorPRO button and we will connect the user with an expert to provide answers now.” says Robert Saik, Founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO. “With AGvisorPRO when a person runs into a software or technology glitch, they can immediately connect or schedule a session with one of our Tech Direct Partners for free without being put on a 1-800 hold.  It’s a brand-new way for companies to support their users. NEVONEX is a leader by making this super-easy for users inside their ecosystem.”

AGvisorPRO will be integrating their “high touch” connectivity solution with many of the “high tech” industry partners combining seamless technical support inside the NEVONEX system.

AGvisorPRO is a channel that connects those “seeking” advice with independent, industry and government experts. The application can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android or desktop.

About AGvisorPRO

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AGvisorPRO Inc is a connectivity channel which provides remote instantaneous connectivity between farmers, experts, researchers, government and industry players to provide Answers Now.  Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to domain experts. The Tech Direct Solution connects farmers and ag retail to company technical representatives for free.  Instant Access is the API integration of AGvisorPRO inside other data systems.  AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android or Desktop. Ag Experts, Industry Partners or Investor inquiries are welcome. The AGvisorPRO channel connects agriculture to provide ANSWERS NOW!