Press Release: MNP Professionals Now Available to Farmers on AGvisorPRO

Calgary, Alberta Dec 17, 2020: For immediate release

We are excited to add the team of professionals from MNP to the growing list of agricultural experts now available for access on the AGvisorPRO connectivity channel.

As a Tech Direct Partner, Farmers or Agri-Business can now connect to MNP advisors for free simply by using AGvisorPRO.  This opens up another channel of connection between the agriculture community and the experts inside MNP.

“MNP is very excited to partner with AGvisorPRO. Having worked with clients in the agriculture industry for more than 60 years, we know how critical access to expert advice is to this sector,” said MNP’s Senior Vice President of Agriculture, Stuart Person. “In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s even more important to provide agriculture business owners and managers with a seamless way to connect with ag industry experts across Canada – and that is something that AGvisorPRO can do.”

Since the firm’s founding, it has continued to represent the interests of its clients and the Canadian agriculture industry, and has grown to become the leading accounting, consulting, and tax firm for Canada’s agriculture industry. With more than 18,000 agriculture producer clients and a team of over 650 agriculture specialists to serve them, MNP has invested more time and resources into understanding this core sector than any other firm in the country.

Accessing the MNP Tech Direct experts on AGvisorPRO is easy.  Farmers simply download the app on a smartphone or desktop and can connect instantaneously to any of the registered MNP experts for a confidential session.

“This app is very complementary to MNP’s full-service approach to helping our clients,” said Person. “Users can connect with an MNP ag expert in real time, with any questions. There is also access to other industry experts such at vets, pest experts, and more. Bringing all the expertise to one place, makes it easier and more convenient and that’s something today’s agriculture business owners and managers could use more than ever.”

“MNP is a champion of Canadian agriculture.” Says Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO, “The world keeps changing and agriculture changes with it.  AGvisorPRO is working to create a one-stop agriculture channel connecting farmers with advisors, industry, researchers and government to help increase farm profitability, sustainability and help enhance global food security.”

About AGvisorPRO

AGvisorPRO is a remote-connectivity platform for agriculture. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, and desktop devices. AGvisorPRO was recognized as The 2020 Agriculture Innovation of Year by the Ag in Motion Discovery Plus Farm Show.

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AGvisorPRO Inc is an agriculture technology company providing remote instantaneous connectivity between farmers, experts, researchers, government and industry players to provide Answers Now.  Expert Access connects “seekers” (farmers) to domain experts. The Tech Direct Solution connects farmers and ag retail to company technical representatives for free.  Instant Access is the integration of AGvisorPRO inside other data systems.  AGvisorPRO is FREE to download on iOS, Android or Desktop. Ag Experts, Industry Partners or Investor inquiries are welcome.