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In the last twenty years, the landscape of agriculture has evolved rapidly. Technological leaps, changing consumer sentiment, regulatory constraints, geopolitical trends, and mother nature all add unique challenges to a farmer’s operation.

These trends will continue creating new, rapidly changing challenges for farmers.

Farmers need to be experts in everything. They are required to produce more with less, under tougher conditions.


Our network consists of farmers, independent consultants, agricultural researchers, and agribusinesses. AGvisorPRO connects this network, so finding knowledge, expertise, and services is easy. 

Farmers use AGvisorPRO to make better decisions faster. They are saving time and money by leveraging our network.

Farmers and farm workers spending over an hour a day on average, searching for information, knowledge, and expertise.


We put the farmer’s experience first, because that’s what matters. Our culture and our partnerships are intentionally unbiased, and favor no brand over another.


With your support we can keep that growing.

AGvisorPRO is here to help farmers get the right information, from the right expert, quickly.

Help us do this. 

Let’s get farmers the knowledge, expertise, and services they need, faster and better than ever before. 

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